Life Update.

I always feel strange writing these kind of posts however I do love reading them about other people so thought, why not write one! Definitely inspired by Harrison’s recent life update post, although this one is not as exciting as his announcement!

I’ve had a lot happen in the past few weeks and my entire life has been flipped upside down and I am not at all settled right now. So lets just start at the beginning..


After a 3 year fallout, I have made amends with half of my family. I am beyond happy about this and I feel like a hole in my heart is finally fixing. Looking back on the root cause of the fallout, it was escalated into something much bigger than it should’ve ever been and it’s a shame that nothing was fixed sooner. But as the saying goes.. onwards and upwards!


I have 2 close best friends and unfortunately they both live in different parts of the country. Nothing changes between us ever, however it does make it difficult when you need company and support at times in your life. Within the last couple of months, I have become really good friends with 5 local bloggers; Emma, Ciara, Emma, Liz & Harrison. This is huge for me as I found it extremely difficult to make new friends once school finished, I even struggled to make friends in college!


As some of you may know, if you follow me on Twitter, 4 weeks ago I was made redundant from my job of (almost) 7 years. It was a huge shake up to my routine and income and everything else and it has taken me a few weeks to really process it. I am actively looking for a job, however it has to be very specific days and hours to work around Alex and Yan right now, which is proving difficult to find. Yan has been the most supportive person ever and has really helped me a lot by being so calm and understanding about the situation.


My blog has become a huge focus for me at the moment. I am aiming to upload twice a week and actually stick to this schedule. Blogging has become a huge part of my life and I am so grateful for the opportunities I receive and the friends I have made through blogging.


I was uploading weekly vlogs this year, right up until I lost my job. Truth is, life is just a bit boring at the moment. I filmed 2 weeks worth of footage and just never uploaded it because it was the same and even I got bored. I haven’t given up on Youtube at all. It’s definitely something I want to continue and hopefully thrive at in the future, but right now, it isn’t an option for me sadly.

Thats everything from me and my little life for now, not a very exciting update I know, however it does feel good to just write everything down to see visually where I am.

L xx

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