Cider Tasting Experience | The Stable

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to The Stable in Bournemouth for a Cider Tasting evening. This also including trying part of their Vegan menu (which was amazing, I must say!). There were a number of us attending and each of us were entitled to bring our own +1, which was super generous of them! I also attended with the lovely Liz, Ewelina and I also finally got to meet Emma!

We were each given a cider tasting sheet with 10 different boxes and had a chance to score each cider out of 10 on Appearance, Aroma & Taste. There was a huge variety of ciders to try and I had no idea that it could taste so vastly different. I definitely preferred the more sparkling ciders as they were the closest to my normal favourite, Kopperberg.

Our Cider Master Beth was incredible, she was so fun and bubbly and really made the whole evening a fun experience. She is very knowledgeable about the cider process and the vegan pizzas (being vegan herself), which made it super easy to ask any questions we may have had. I will definitely be visiting an orchard for apple picking after the amazing recommendation from Beth!

We also got to try what cider tastes like if it’s gone wrong somewhere within the process and honestly, it was like drinking vinegar straight from the bottle. It was gross. Nevertheless it was interesting to see what could happen if you’re not careful.

The pizzas came out and this was the part of the evening that I was quite excited about. I’m not vegan so I wouldn’t usually order a vegan meal when in a restaurant but this definitely opened up my options when it comes to food. The base of the pizzas were so thin and crispy that I didn’t get the normal ‘bloated from bread’ feeling when I eat pizza. However, with the base being so thin, bits kept falling off and landing on my jeans (it was the wrong idea to wear white jeans that night🙈), this was only happening to me though so I’m obviously just clumsy with pizza! The Noel Nutter pizza was definitely the winner for me as I love asparagus and hazelnuts.

The evening was full of laughter and the atmosphere was so lovely! I will definitely be considering vegan options when I go out to eat now as well. A huge thank you to The Stable, Beth and her team and all the other bloggers I enjoyed this evening with. If there is a local Stable near you then you can book your own cider tasting experience from just £15 per person, I would definitely recommend getting in touch to find out some more information. It’s such a fun evening!

L xx

*Complimentary PR Event hosted by The Stable. I was not asked to post a review nor was I paid for this post. All words are my own.*

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