5 Reasons I Will Not Be Taking Part In Blogmas❄️

The question flying around social media at the moment is ‘Are you taking part in Blogmas/Vlogmas?’ & whilst I have absolutely no issue with people taking part in these, here are my reasons as to why I will not be.


I took part in Blogmas last year because I had only been blogging for a little over 2 months and I believed it would be a good way to get my name out in the blogosphere by posting daily. For that reason, it worked. I gained lots of views, lots of followers and I felt really good by the time December ended. However, on the flip side, if you actually go back and read my blogmas posts, some of them are shockingly bad. I ran out of ideas quickly and ended up posting just for the sake of being able to say I’d completed it. There was no creativity or passion behind the posts towards the end.


I feel like my posts would get lost in a sea of blogmas posts if I was to take part. Content on my feed is going to triple at least as so many people I know are going to be taking part.


Planning. Blogmas takes so much planning. From my experience last year, I planned 16 posts before December started and thought to myself ‘I can do the last 9 leading up to the 25th’, boy was I wrong! My working pattern has changed and I seem to be busy ALL the time these days. I can just about get one blog post a week up currently without stretching myself thin, let alone 7! Hats off to all that are organised enough in life for Blogmas!


The time that I do have spare, I want to use to support other bloggers taking part in Blogmas. Engagement drops during December because everyone is throwing content out, so I want to help as many people as possible by taking some time each evening to read, comment and share blogmas posts.


I recently started YouTube and quite quickly gained 70 subscribers (which is incredible for me) and I would like to explore the option of doing some Christmas videos instead of focusing on Blogmas. I’m not saying this is a definite, but it’s definitely an idea I have in my mind.

Will you be taking part in Blogmas/Vlogmas? Why/why not? I’d love to hear your reasons below! Please do tag me in your Blogmas posts over on Twitter as like I said I want to support as many people as possible during this time.

L x

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Will Not Be Taking Part In Blogmas❄️

  1. I’m planning to take part in blogmas and I’m really excited! I’ve been planning since July, and have some really fab guest posts from authors/other bloggers in the pipeline as well as lots of my own! I doubt highly I’d do it every year though; I mainly wanted to do it this year as it’s my furst as a blogger. I loved ALL your posts last year btw (read when I discovered your blog)
    Amy xx

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  2. Ha I had to google the term as I wasn’t familiar with it! I understand from a random result in Google that it is like an advent calendar for blogs? Yeah it can maybe sound interesting for certain bloggers/brands (with the right strategy in place) but I can see how both bloggers and readers can get easily over saturated with this….. I think you have made the right decision, it’s quality over quantity!

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  3. I won’t be doing it for similar reasons! I took part last year for the first time, and whilst I had the majority of posts scheduled in or at least half written beforehand, I definitely felt like I burnt out. I want to use December to support everyone too!

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  4. I completely get you and I’d be exactly the same – let alone any other reasons I just don’t have the time (or sanity!) to post daily. I’m also not convinced that people really want to hear from me daily!!

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  5. I didn’t even know what Blogmas was until I read your post! In fact, I’m still not entirely sure what’s the purposes (and benefit?) of it all? Either way, sounds like you’ve found your calling in YouTube. Well done!

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  6. Oh I totally agree with this, while it’s cool that other people can be committed to doing it and have it all planned out, I just can’t be dealing with that pressure. I’m also a Pagan so I celebrate Yule and not Christmas (despite doing a tree etc for the kids). I thought about introducing ‘Blule’ next year 😂 Blogging Yule! Although, I’m not sure anyone would actually read it…

    I also think that it’s going to be flooded this year with so many people taking part, the blogs are going to have to be on another level to stand out.


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