I have a 3 year old!

So last week my gorgeous little man turned 3. I am still in shock that I am a mother to a 3 year old. It’s crazy.  

These last 3 years have absolutely flown by and have honestly been the hardest years of my life. Being a parent is no picnic, anyone with a child can tell you that. It’s 24/7 work. Remember when you used to like eating hot dinners at a reasonable time? Not anymore. Remember when you could sleep a full 8 hours every single night without waking up to take a little human to the toilet or comfort them from a nightmare? What is sleep anyways? Remember when you could go food shopping without a child screaming at you because you picked up the green fruit shoots but it’s absolutely imperative that he has the purple ones? 


It’s tough, I won’t lie. The ‘terrible’ two’s are the realest thing I know right now and Alex has truly tried pushing all boundaries this year. However, in all honestly, every single second is worth it. 


When I’m on the edge of yet another mental breakdown and I’ve already cried 5 times in a day, all it takes is Alex to ask me for a cuddle and I instantly feel better. The days when he wants to do nothing but snuggle under a duvet watching his favourite film eating junk food are the best. The way he runs up to me when I pick him up from the childminders shouting ‘Mummy, I missed you, we’re best friends’ makes my heart beam with happiness.


He is growing up so quickly and every moment spent with him is so precious. We have the adventures of starting preschool next year and I’m so excited for him and cannot wait for all the years to come.❤️

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