Zoella Book Club Week 5 | History Is All You Left Me๐Ÿ’™

‘You used our intimate history to create a future with someone else, and that’s a thousand times worse. You used our love against me. Now I’m using your love against you.’

Author: Adam Silvera

Summary: Griffin has lost his first love in a drowing accident. Theor was his best friend, his ex-boyfriend and the one he believed he would end up with. Now, reeling from grief and worsening OCD, Griffin turns to an unexpected person for help. Theo’s new boyfriend. But as their relationship becomes increasingly complicated, dangerous truths begin to surface. Griffin must make a choice: confront his past, or miss out on his future. 

Rating: 3/5


I want to start this by firstly saying that this story is genuinely heart wrenching. It focuses on a teenage boy (Griffin) who had lost his first love (Theo) to someone else and whilst he was attempting to come to terms with this, Theo unfortunately dies in a drowing accident, so Griffin now has to also come to terms with the fact that he never fully received closure and would never get to see or talk to Theo again. 

Just the summary of this book should be enough to make you want to cry. It’s heart breaking. The book is set out in two parts, we are in the present and dealing with the very real and current death of Theo and the storyline that unravels between Griffin and Jackson and we are also in the past, where we learn about Griffin and Theo’s love story and promises they made to each other. 

I loved the way that this book was set out as it consistently kept me turning the pages and wanting to get more pieces to this puzzle and be able to put it all together. 

The reason I gave this book a 3/5 is purely because for me, I felt like I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I would have liked. I’m pretty sure it’s because I do tend to struggle with all male YA books. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t do it. 

However, this does not defer from the fact that this book was an amazing read and I would definitely recommend it!

L xx

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