Zoella Book Club, Week 2 | Letters To The Lost✍🏻

‘Even the teachers expect the worst from him. I know I did. If you’d asked me to name guys at school who’d get down on the ground in the rain to change a girl’s tire, Declan wouldn’t of made that list.’  

Author: Brigid Kemmerer


Rating: 5/5



Juliet tragically lost her Mother in a hit and run car crash 4 months ago, she continues to write letters addressed to her Mum and leaves them at her gravestone. Declan Murphy is completing community service and finds one of these letters, without much thought he writes back and sets off a chain of events throughout both of their lives.


Juliet’s journey of grief and acceptance makes for an incredible read. Brigid really pulls the reader in and makes you feel every raw emotion she is going through at this time in her life. Declan is an outcast, he is the guy at school that everybody misjudges and misunderstands. There is SO much depth to this character and his development throughout the book was thoroughly enjoyable to read. 


Neither of these characters know that their anonymous letters are going to each other to begin with and I loved that. I loved reading these characters show their true feelings anonymously but also confront each other in real life not knowing the truth. They know so much about each other without really knowing. It’s beautiful!


We are taken on a rollercoaster journey throughout and as hard as I tried, I could not put this book down to take a break. I finished it in little over 3 hours and I want to erase my memory and read it again. 


An absolutely stunning book and an amazing addition to the Zoella Book Club. Thank you Brigid Kemmerer for writing this and Chris Russell for choosing it!


L xx

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