Book Review | Ask No Questions📚

Author: Lisa Hartley

Summary: After an operation goes badly wrong, undercover specialist Detective Caelan Small leaves the Metropolitan Police for good. Or so she thinks. Then the criminal responsible is seen back in the UK. Soon Caelan is drawn back into a dangerous investigation. But when the main lead is suddenly murdered, all bets are off. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone is a suspect – even close colleagues. Someone in the Met is involved and Caelan is being told to Ask No Questions. This isn’t an option: Caelan needs answers… whatever the cost.

Rating: 5/5!

 From the moment I was sent the information about this book I knew I would love it. I did not anticipate just how much though. 

I admire Caelan! She is everything I love about a protagonist; fierce, strong and loyal. We learn of a case that ended disastrously for Caelan and a number of her colleagues and then the main culprit of said case appears to resurface in London. Caelan sets out for revenge but actually discovers a lot of answers to questions she didn’t know she had. Who can she really trust?! 

Every single chapter pulls you in as a reader and I truly could not guess what was going to take place next. I felt so invested in Caelan’s life, I actually cried during the book. TWICE! This book has so many twists and turns and an ending you will truly never see coming! I am beyond excited to read more books within this series, can I pre-order the next one already?!

An extraordinary edition to the Crime/Thriller section in my personal library and a huge recommendation from me to anybody who loves a Crime Mystery.

‘Ask No Questions’ is out to buy right now. Head over to Amazon and grab your copy, honestly you will not regret it.

*I was kindly sent an ARC of this book by Faye Rogers (click the link to head to her Twitter to read all the other blog posts as part of this blog tour.) in exchange for my honest review. All words are my own.

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