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Hello everybody, I hope you’re all enjoying the incredible weather we have been having recently. Doesn’t feel like England at all! 

This is a very special blog post about something amazing that I am a part of in July. My friend Zoe is completing a 24 Hour Readathon in order to raise awareness and a donation to the charity of her choice! She will be reading a number of books for 24 hours straight and she has also filled 24 slots so that a new blog post goes up on her blog every single hour so that we can all join her in this readathon. The support she has received is phenomenal and I am beyond honoured to be part of this! Zoe’s target was to raise £100 for this event and she has already tripled this, reaching £300 just a couple of days ago. Without further ado, I would like to introduce Zoe, who has kindly answered some questions for this post:


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Zoe, I’m 23 years old, am a wife, chronic illness sufferer and book lover. I blog over at http://nosaferplace.co.uk and YouTube over at http://youtube.com/c/nosaferplace. Obviously, books have always been a huge part of my life and it was only when I hit 21 that I realised I could do something with my life that involved reading and sharing my love of books. I started blogging when I was 21 and this time last year, I posted my first YouTube video and everything just grew from there. I’ve got the most amazing husband and I’m currently renting a flat just outside of London with him.


2. Why have you picked the charity you have for your Readathon?

I chose the charity STARS for my 24 Hour Readathon because I suffer with a condition called PoTS. It’s not widely known but in short, it basically means when I stand up, my heart rate increases rapidly. Obviously that’s a shortened explanation and is only the tip of the iceberg of the symptoms that PoTS produces. I want to raise awareness of this and raise as much money as possible because the current waiting time for a PoTS diagnosis is years, and that is not okay. We definitely need a better quality of life, and quicker. I’ve been diagnosed with PoTS for 4 years and I’ve only just got my first appointment with a PoTS specialist.


3. How are you planning on keeping yourself going throughout the 24 hours?

I’m actually trying not to think about it! Obviously, because of my heart conditions, I cant’ have things like coffee, energy drinks etc, so I’ve just got to hope I’ve picked good enough books to keep me going! I also have my husband doing it with me (half-heartedly) and the lovely Rebecca over at thisbookyplace is co-hosting with me, so I think we’ll be cheering each other on online. Also, everyone has been so supportive, more than I ever expected, so I’ve definitely got something to prove.


4. Which book are you looking forward to reading the most?

I’ve actually just finished choosing the books for the readathon. I’ve chosen 6 but that is me being very optimistic! I’m really excited to read Doing It by Hannah Witton; I’m trying to get into non-fiction books as they’ve never really been my thing, but I’m hoping this book will change my mind. Also, I’m super excited for I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson. There are few YA books with main characters that have a disability and I think it’s about time that changed. Having a disability is a huge part of so many people’s lives and I’m so happy authors are finally writing books that showcase that.


5. Which author are you most excited about that is taking part?

I think this is a very obvious one, Samantha Shannon. She is the author of my favourite series ever written, The Bone Season. Samantha was the first author I ever met in my teenage/adult life and she was the first author I asked to take part in my readathon. I wasn’t expecting her to say yes as I know how busy she is at the moment, so when she did I was over the moon! She just took my donations over £300 which was the most surreal thing; it definitely made me feel like I was doing something good.


That’s all the questions from Zoe. If you would like to read more about the Readthon, head over to her blog post all about it! Also, if you would like to donate to this amazing cause please head over to the donation page. I look forward to the 8th July and I hope to see more of you guys getting involved in this amazing event!

L xx

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    1. Thank you so much! Bit nervous about how I’m gonna stay awake that long but the amount of support has been overwhelming and think it’ll keep me going. My blog is nosaferplace.co.uk if you’d like to get involved! Xx

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