Book Review | The Devil’s Poetry📚

Author: Louise Cole

Summary: Questions are dangerous but answers can be deadly. Callie’s world will be lost to war – unless she can unlock the magic of an ancient manuscript. She and her friends will be sent to the front line. Many of them won’t come back. When a secret order tells her she can bring peace by reading from a book, it seems an easy solution – too easy. Callie soon finds herself hunted, trapped between desperate allies and diabolical enemies. The Order is every bit as ruthless as the paranormal Cadaveri. Callie can only trust two people – her best friend and her ex-marine bodyguard. And they are on different sides. She must decide: how far will she go to stop a war? Dare she read this book? What’s the price – and who pays it?

Bought/Borrowed: I kindly received an ARC of this book in order to review

Rating: 5/5


3 chapters in and this book was unputdownable. I fell in love with Callie and thoroughly enjoyed this incredible journey of self realisation that Louise took her on in this book. Callie is truly unaware of the powers she possesses and as we learn more about her history, her character grows magnificently. Her strong relationships with characters around her are phenomenal to read and I truly enjoyed getting to know Jace along with Callie (I am rooting for these guys!) 


This books touches on all emotions and it really pulls you in as a reader. We feel scared for how the war will pan out, we feel friendship and love when we learn about Amber & Jace, we feel heartbreak when we learn the truth about her mother and the relationship Callie has with her father and most importantly, as a female, we feel empowerment that one young girl blossoming into an adult can be so strong in a time of need! 


Louise is a fantastic author and if her debut book is anything to go by, I am beyond excited to read more of her work in the future! The Devil’s Poetry is out now and you can get your copy over on Amazon


*I was kindly sent an ARC of this book by Faye Rogers (click the link to head to her Twitter to read all the other blog posts as part of this blog tour.) in exchange for my honest review. All words are my own. 

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