Social Media Addict?!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.. Chances you own a platform on at least one of these social media outlets, or if you’re like me, you own all 4. I’ll be the first person to admit that I crave social media attention, it consumes me some days and I get lost in the internet for hours on end. I am addicted to social media, i’ll be shocked to come across somebody of this generation and the future generations to come who isn’t addicted to some form of social media attention. We’ve all put up an Instagram post of our new purchases or our daily adventures in hopes of a few likes. We’ve all wrote a status we deemed as hilarious in the hopes that it’ll be shared enough times to go viral. We crave the attention as a generation and that’s okay. I cannot stand when people say ‘they are always on their phone, they must not have a life’ – actually, life nowadays is mostly online. Does this means I can’t enjoy a trip to the cinema? Or a live concert? Or just a coffee and a catch up with my friends? Of course it doesn’t, it just means that I do have an online life and I do have a real life.
Bloggers/Vloggers/Social Media Influencers especially will understand when I say that it might seem that my entire life is online via tweets, insta stories and facebook posts, but the truth is, that is only about 30-40% of my real life. That is all you see as an audience, so it’s easy to believe that I am showing you my entire life. Of course I can shut down my apps, put my phone and laptop away and just enjoy life, I’m not saying I can’t but social media plays a huge part in my life and the lives of many others.
Being a blogger is a full time job, I need to constantly keep up with the latest hashtags, post daily on Instagram, scheduling my tweets, joining in with blogger chats to promote my latest post. It’s tiring and it takes up most of my free time. I do enjoy it, and I don’t like being labelled as ‘not having a life’ when in fact I am trying to build something for myself and I am doing something I completely love. 
A lot of people ensure their ‘online life’ enhances the reality of their real life. I often find that people like to overcompensate online for things that may be falling apart in real life. How many times have you seen a couple write a 14 page paragraph declaring their love for each other and 100 pictures to accommodate the heartfelt post, when in reality you know that he was jumping into bed with his ex the week before and she’s just taken him back? It happens so often but that is the power of social media. You can be anyone you want to be and you can live any life you want to live. It’s such a strong and powerful force. 
Social media can be a source of income, it can be an escape, it can be therapy, it can be a hobby. It can be whatever you make it to be and that’s what makes it so strong. I love social media and I can’t see that changing any time soon!

7 thoughts on “Social Media Addict?!

  1. I love social media for exploring the world via my fingertips – Instagram is especially good for this! I am trying to switch off but I love connecting with people online! And I love blogging so very useful for sharing my own blog and finding others!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

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  2. Great post. For me my blog is my therapy. My ‘dear diary’. I left Facebook last year and never looked back. It gave me hours of my life back! I do love Twitter though and this is the only platform I’m using to share my blog. I do wonder if a Facebook page would be of benefit to my blog but not sure if I could handle going back to the Facebook world!

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