What If?๐Ÿค”

I am constantly thinking about the future and the past and it completely fascinates me that something so tiny can completely change your life. Have any of you ever seen a film called ‘Sliding Doors’? It’s basically about a girl who catches the train home from work one day and from that point the film splits into two parts. One story tells how her life will pan out if she caught the earlier train and the other part tells how her life will pan out if she misses the earlier train. It’s an incredible film and I would definitely recommend watching it if you haven’t already!

This always gets me thinking about how the tiniest action has the biggest impact on life and we may not even realise it. Me & my partner met on a night out, but we later realised that he was only out that particular night because he’d had an argument with his parents and wanted to be out of his house for the night. What if that argument never took place? I wouldn’t of met him when I did and we may not be together. 

I have wanted to blog for a good few years but have never really found a passion for it until late last year. What if I had started this years ago, where would I be now? What if I had never found a true passion for it? I wouldn’t of met the incredible people I have today through blogging or even experienced some of the amazing things blogging has offered to me. I literally can’t stop thinking about the ‘what ifs’! 

What if I had chosen to continue my A levels in Drama? What if I had decided I wanted to go to Uni? What if I had just left the country to travel on my own? 

If I had made any of my past decisions any differently, I would not be sat writing this post here today. I wouldn’t be engaged to the most amazing man I have ever met and I wouldn’t have the most gorgeous little boy running around calling me ‘Mummy’. I guess all things happen for a reason but that still doesn’t stop my mind from wandering and asking myself ‘What If?’ 

Have a think about what little decisions you have made in the past that have got you to where you are today, you’ll be amazed at how many little things lead up to your current circumstances!

L xx

4 thoughts on “What If?๐Ÿค”

  1. I think about a lot of things to I was going to go to Spain to study but for some reason didn’t then I met the most amazing man. Who now is my boyfriend for more than 2 years. I am in a difficult decision right now I am thinking of going to college in Jan for an animal care course 1 year or Graphic Design course for 2years or keep what I am doing with my Freelance Graphic design business. Also because now I have a boyfriend the decisions I make could effect us maybe. I should watch that movie.

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  2. I think that if you were to have continued with your A Level in Drama and gone to University then took a year to travel you would still be sat at your computer, writing this post while being engaged to the guy you are today and still have your little boy running around calling you “Mummy” – I like to think that the significant things are meant to be, they just may happen in a different order or in a different way which I think is lovely (or that’s how I chose to look at it) x
    Claire | clairesyear.com

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