Tag | This Time Next Year💫

My lovely blogging friend Bettie tagged me in ths post a couple of months back and I am finally getting around to completing it!

Be sure to check out her ‘This Time Next Year’ tag here



-Thank the person who tagged you

-Set yourself some goals for the next year

-Explain how you’re going to achieve these goals

-Tag at least five of your blogger friends

-And finally in a years time, 365 days write a post reflecting on your goals and what you managed to achieve. 



My goals for this year are – 


To build my social media & blog following.

Blog: Current – 103. Target – 200

Twitter: Current – 702. Target – 1000

Instagram: Current – 320. Target – 500

I am going to continue to post on all of these platforms regularly and engage with my followers as well constantly. I love chatting to new people and discovering new blogs and instagrams to follow!


To be a more positive person. 

I can be quite negative within myself and feel like what I am doing isn’t good enough and that people are judging me. This neefs to stop. I need to continue to do what I love because I love it and for no other reason. In time, this will help me become a better person within myself.


Stick to a diet. 

I don’t necessarily want to lose any weight I just need to tone what I have and look after my body better. I like to use Bootea Teatox and I always feel amazing when I do and my body loves me for it. Within a few weeks I am back to eating rubbish again and I start to feel awful. 


To blog about more personal things

I recently did a poll on Twitter and so many people told me that they would prefer to read more personal posts from me. I tend to do a lot of reviews, tags & photo diaries currently, however writing about personal topics will help me engage with my followers more.


To gain some serious make up skills.

I have improved so much already and I am starting to buy so many new products and learn different techniques. I am so excited to keep experimenting with make up and learn some serious skills. 


Those are my 5 goals for this year. I will tag a few other bloggers in a tweet that I would like to pass this onto. I look forward to reading your 2017 goals!

L xx

13 thoughts on “Tag | This Time Next Year💫

  1. Hey, perhaps write a post about your journey with starting with makeup? I’m a makeup newbie (all I own is a brow pencil + brush and mascara) and it would be interesting to read your experience with starting to use makeup!

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