Review | Ultimate Blog Planner✍🏻

I stumbled across a brand called Dot Creates on Twitter towards the end of 2016 and instantly fell in love with their online stationary shop. From stickers to writing utensils to mobile phone cases, they’ve got everything a blogger could need! 

The item that caught my eye the most was the ultimate blogging planner. I had only been blogging a couple of months and I was planning my posts in my ‘notes’ section on my iPhone (I know right.. blogging at its finest). I needed this planner in my life! 

A friend of mine (Tom, also a fellow blogger, links are in his Twitter bio, go and check them out) purchased this for me as a Christmas present and it was everything I wanted in a planner and more!

There are beautiful prints throughout the entire planner which are amazing for flatlay photos. I use these way too often in my pictures. Also there are over 180 individual planning pages for all your blog post needs. 

I love that this planner is not dated automatically, it means that as a blogger you can really make it work to your advantage. Whether you post 7 times a week, 7 times a year or anywhere in between that, you can date this planner as you go! There are tickboxes at the bottom of each planning page to ensure that you do not forgot anything you may need before a post goes live. Also the two other empty boxes below those you can fill with whatever you feel necessary, personally I use these to note down my stats for the individual blog post on that planning page.

Throughout the blogging planner there are also sections you can use to keep a track of your social media numbers and also pages where you can keep a track of any sponsored content with 9 extra pages worth  of this at the back of the planner. 

Overall, this planner is a blogging essential! I do not go anywhere without it and I use it constantly to plan all my posts and keep a track of my stats. I also take full advantage of the notes section at the very back to joy down anything that comes to mind! 

I would 100% recommend this planner to any blogger regardless of how big or small you are in the community. Dot Creates have also recently released a ‘Bloggers Essential Box’ and the planner is a part of this alongside so many other amazing blogger essentials. Definitely go and check their website out, you won’t regret it! 

L xx 

This post is not sponsored by Dot Creates, all views are my own.😘

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