Flavours of Japan | Yo! Menu Tasting Event🍱

I was kindly invited down to Yo! last night to try their new ‘Flavours of Japan’ menu* and I was not disappointed. A lot of you will know the restaurant as Yo! Sushi, but recently they have made the decision to remove the ‘Sushi’ part of the name due to the fact that only 49% of the menu is actually Sushi. The entire menu is so varied and there really is something for everyone, whether you like chicken, beef, pork, fish or even if you are a vegetarian.

The layout of the restaurant is incredible, they have a lovely open plan kitchen so you can see your food being cooked/prepared and also ask the chefs any questions you may have. All of the staff are super friendly and helpful and are all very knowledgeable about the food products.

Food products are served on 7 different coloured plates (these are to represent different prices) and all tables are situated around a conveyor belt. Once seated you take the food that you desire from the belt as it travels around and at the end your bill is calculated on how many plates you have on your table.

‘Flavours of Japan’ is a brand new menu and the dishes that we tasted last night were:-

Bullet Train Katsu Sando

Fruity Beef Katsu

Sweet & Sour Cod Nanbanzuke

Izakaya Pork Teriaki

Osaka-Style Squid

Seared Beef & Pickle Roll

Tokyo Banana Cake


Out of these dishes the Sweet & Sour Cod Nanbanzuke was definitely my favourite. This was created by the Head Chef at the Bournemouth restaurant and as they described it, it really was a ‘masterpiece’. The flavours worked so well together and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. Another dish I also loved was the Tokyo Banana Cake, so much so I even asked for an extra piece to take home for later!

Throughout the evening we were also provided with Green Tea and Cucumber cocktails which were unbelievably refreshing, I think I managed to get through 4 of these!

It was a lovely atmosphere all evening.

Whether you are a Sushi fan or not, I can guarantee that there is something on their menu that you will love. Head down to your nearest Yo! and let me prove it to you.

L xx


*I was kindly invited down to Yo! for a tasting experience, however this post is not sponsored nor did they ask me to write a review.


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