Review | Blackhead Extraction Paste

Hello and welcome back to my first ever beauty product related review! 

I’m sure you have all seen the videos of the ‘miracle blackhead extraction paste’ that will pull all of your blackheads out in one swift movement… well I was very skeptical as to how well this product actually works however at £18.99 a bottle, I was not prepared to find out. 

Why not just buy a cheaper imitation? I wanted to test the real deal, to see if this really was a miracle worker. 

I did manage to get my hands on this product for just £7 in the end and it only took 3 working days to arrive so I started off with a good impression. The tube of paste was actually a lot smaller than I had envisioned, it is packaged in quite a thin tube and it also did not feel like the entire tube was full despite being fully packaged upon arrival. 

I tested the product out on the inside of my elbow first, as stated on the instructions, just to ensure my skin would not be irritated by this product. I then took all make-up off, cleaned my pores, ran a bath and put the paste all over my nose, chin and forehead. 

Application was super easy and the paste is very thick and a good texture. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy wearing facemasks in the bath. This paste was a nightmare in the bath, because of the steam, it caused the paste to start running down my face instead of drying. I quickly washed it off and then tried again later that evening after my bath. 

Leaving the paste to set for 25-30 minutes, it was now time to peel it off. It was very, very easy to peel off and pain-free (surprisingly), this is the part where my disappoint rises. IT DIDN’T EXTRACT ANY BLACKHEADS! Granted, my skin feels softer where the paste was applied, but a normal facemask would of done this for me. I bought this so that it could do what it said on the tube, ‘extract blackheads’. 

I had very high expectations of this product and hated the fact that I was disappointed, so I thought I would give this another go. I tried it again the next morning, followed the instructions exactly the same as before but again, no blackheads were removed. 

This product is definitely not worth its retail value of £18.99, I personally do not think it was even worth the £7 that I paid for it. My skin does feel soft, but I would much rather spend the money on a Lush facemask that hasn’t heightened my expectations on what it will result in. 

Have you ever used a blackhead extraction paste? If so, which one and what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

L xx

15 thoughts on “Review | Blackhead Extraction Paste

  1. I love your photography in this! and I’m always so sceptical about whether to buy these kind of products or not, they always cost so much and I never know if it’s just a selling point or they actually do work. So many are just false advertisement these days! x

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  2. I haven’t used anything like that but I use blackhead strips . They work really well and get rid of them all , even if it is painful! Your photos are great ! Xx

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