Tag | Gossip Girl 🏙

I discovered this tag over on Bloglovin’ and I loved it and wanted to get involved instantly. 



How did you discover the show?

My friend Toni told me to watch this show when I had nothing to watch on Netflix. After the 1st episode I was hooked and I think I finished it within about a month. 



Who’s your favourite character?

Blair Waldorf. She is such a strong character and never let anybody stand in her way for anything! Whenever she was around, you knew a scheme was happening close by. 



Who would you see yourself being friends with on the show? 

Although Blair was my favourite character, I don’t think I would get along with someone like that in the real world. Out of all the characters, I would probably get along with someone like Dan or Nate the most in real life. Those 2 are fairly mellow compared to the rest of the characters. 



Chair or Dair?

Chair 100%. Whichever writer/producer that thought ‘Dair’ was ever a good thing, should’ve been fired. The worst half a season of my life. 



What’s your favourite ship that would never actually happen? 

Rufus & Lily! They were the best together and I am so upset that they didn’t end up staying together, although it meant Dan & Serena could end up together and everyone knows how much of a fairytale ending that was.



If you were to be a character, who would you be? 

I would love to be Georgina, as she is always at the heart of drama and her character is amazing. In reality, I would probably be Jenny. An annoying little bitch. 



Who was your crush on the show? 

Chuck Bass. No more words are needed.



Have you read the book series? 

No, although I would love to!


Who was your favourite villain? 

Jack Bass. He was an arsehole and I loved it. I’m so happy him and Georgina ended up together, match made in heaven there!
What was your initial thought of the show?

After the 1st 20 minutes, I knew I was hooked. It’s everything I love in a TV show and will forever be one of my favourites. 

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