Film Review | 50 Shades Darker🔞

‘Vanilla. Your new favourite flavour.’


The extremely controversial 50 Shades Darker has finally been released, two years after the first movie came onto the big screen and I for one, could not be more excited. When 50 Shades first came out and the books became immensely popular, I wasn’t interested. I tried reading the 1st book and hated it, I wasn’t interested in watching the 1st film either. Then ‘Grey’ was released which is the same book but from his perspective and I loved it. I definitely preferred his version over hers and I hope E. L. James releases the other 2 books from his perspective in the future. After that, I read all 3 books from Ana’s perspective and watched the film in the space of about 3 days and fell in love with it. 


The second installment, 50 Shades Darker, starts off by showing Ana moving on with her life after ending things with Christian. She has a new job and is desperately trying to forget the unforgettable Christian Grey. Christian however, cannot get Ana out of his mind. She means so much more to him than just another submissive. He agrees to take things slow with Ana and the relationship is now on her terms; no rules, no punishments and no more secrets. I feel like we learn a lot more about Christian Grey in this film and his past that has led him to be the way he is and need the things that he needs. 

Christian knows that the things he demands and needs from Ana and his previous submissives are not right and are not normal. He even refers to himself as a sadist at one point, but this entire movie is focusing around the fact that he is trying to change as he is in love with Ana. He knows that she will never be able to fully give him everything he needs and he is never going to force her to do that. Ana regular stands up for herself and calls Christian out on his controlling behaviour throughout the film. 

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have so much courage engaging in sex scenes that are extremely convincing on screen, it is basically soft porn (although, sadly still no full frontal of Jamie 😭) and against what a lot of people may think this movie focuses more around their love story than the sex scenes, unlike the first. But don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of them!

Overall, I loved this film/franchise and even though so many people ‘hate’ it, it still doesn’t deny the fact that it is currently the number one film in the world. The soundtrack is also incredible!

If you go and watch this movie, half way through the end credits is a small teaser trailer for Fifty Shades Freed, coming on Feb 14th 2018!


Rating: 8/10

L xx

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