52 Week Blog Challenge #7 | My Childhood Memories👧🏻

Is it just me that thinks 2017 is flying by already?! Crazy. Week 7 of my blog challenge already. Feel free to join along with me, this challenge was created by Jenny and Britt!

This weeks topic is ‘Childhood Memories’. 

My favourite childhood memory would have to be our yearly holiday to a caravan park called ‘Sea Palling’ near Great Yarmouth. This was a tiny little site with one tiny shop, a tiny evening entertainment club and a tiny arcade, but it was so perfect. Walking distance to the beach over this HUGE hill and just a 20 minute drive away from Great Yarmouths pleasure beach. 

I went here every year until the age of 14 when I moved down to the South Coast of England and I will never forget all the happy memories this place brings me!


L xx

One thought on “52 Week Blog Challenge #7 | My Childhood Memories👧🏻

  1. When I was younger we used to spend two weeks at a caravan park in a different part of the country every summer. We spent one year at Broadland Sands which was in between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. I remember it being a great couple of weeks, I went on my first proper roller coaster at Pleasurewood Hills, and still have fond memories of spending time with my parents and brother, playing crazy golf at Pirates Cove and getting candyfloss on a stick that was bigger than my head.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories!

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