52 Week Blog Challenge #6 | 10 Years From Now…

As always on a Wednesday, today is 52 Week Blog Challenge day! This challenge was created by Jenny & Britt. Please feel free to join along as well.

This week’s topic is ’10 years from now’. In 10 years time I will be 32, almost 33 and here are some of the things I would like to have achieved by that age. 


1. I would love to own my own house. I highly doubt I will own a house outright by this age, but I hope that I will have a mortgage on a really lovely house.

2. I want to turn my hobby into a career. I would love to be able to turn my blogging/love of film reviewing into a career for myself. Who doesn’t want to wake up and enjoying doing their job everyday?

3. I want to be married! What girl doesn’t dream about a fairytale wedding and happily ever after?!

4. I want to be able to travel to more places! I aim to take Alex to see so much of the world, I would love to go away at least once a year to a new destination. 


That’s all for this week. I have a few simple things I would like to have achieved/in the process of achieving 10 years down the line.

L xx

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