Film Review | Lion🦁

‘I need to find home.’


Garth Davis’ adaption of the heart- wrenching true story that follows Saroo’s journey to find home will shatter you into a million pieces.

Young Saroo (Sunny Palwar) lives with his older brother Guddu, younger sister Shekila and his mother Kamla in a small village called Ganesh Talai. After convincing his older brother that he wanted to help him go to work in order to earn money for their family, they set off to the train station. Once at their destination, Saroo feels tired and wishes to go to sleep. Guddu realises he is much to young for night work and asks him to stay on the bench asleep whilst he looks for work, claiming that he will be back for him as soon as possible. Disorientated and confused, Saroo wakes up to an empty platform, he climbs onto an abandoned train and falls back to sleep. The train unwillingly takes him 1,600km from his home village (roughly 1,000 miles) to the center of Calcutta. Saroo is unable to speak Bengali, only Hindi, the village he is originally from is unrecognisable to everybody he encounters and he only knows his mothers name as ‘Mum’. He is alone & lost. 2 years pass and Saroo is adopted by an Australian couple, John (David Wenham) and Sue Brierley (Nicole Kidman) and taken to live in Melbourne, where he lives a privileged life against the life he had in India. 27 years after he became lost, the search for his real family becomes all too real for Saroo and using the technology available to him in Australia he tracks down the village he was born in. 

This film is very much split into two halves; the first half focuses on young Saroo and the story of how he survived on the busy streets of Calcutta. He was definitely one of the luckier ones. Sunny Palwar is an incredible little actor that, for me, definitely stole the spotlight in this film. The second half focuses on older Saroo (Dev Patel) who is battling with difficulties at home and in his mind. He has an urgency to find his real home and solve his life’s mystery in order to feel at peace. The emotion that Dev Patel portrays throughout is absolutely magnificent. 

Although their screen time is limited, Nicole Kidman and David Wenham were phenomenal throughout also. 


Nominated for 6 Golden Globe awards, including ‘Best Picture’, ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’ & ‘Best Actress in a Supporting Role’, Lion truly is the film of the year. Showcasing the heart-breaking reality of how easy it is for children to go missing in India. This is the story of just one little boy amongst 18,000 that are seperated from their families every single year. 

I feel like I have been saying this a lot recently, but this film truly is immensely powerful and it broke my heart into a million pieces. 110% recommended this film to everybody!


Rating: 10/10

L xx

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