52 Week Blog Challenge #5 | My Favourite Holiday☀️

This blog challenge was created by Jenny and Britt and I am enjoying posting along with them every week! Feel free to join in as well and be sure to tag the 2 bloggers above.

This week the topic is ‘My Favourite Holiday’.

Back in 2013 I went to Las Vegas just after my 19th birthday and even though I wasn’t legally allowed to drink/gamble whilst there, I still had the time of my life! I had wanted to travel to America ever since I could remember and to finally achieve my dream was amazing. 

We stayed in New York, New York and completed a lot of the usual tourist things in Vegas. We admired the interior of the different themed hotels, it’s almost like travelling the world within a day! We watched a ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ show called ‘Zumanity’ which I absolutely loved and we went to the top of the Strasophere hotel to go on the ride at the top that hangs over the edge and gives you incredible views of the strip. 

We took a road trip to the Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon and the views were breathtaking! Everything about America facisnated me and I fell in love with Vegas so much. We walked down a ‘miracle mile’ of shops and spent way too much than we should of and we also took part in a CSI experience which was so much fun. 

This was, without a doubt, the best holiday I have ever had and I cannot wait to save up and take my other half for the first time! 


Where has your favourite holiday destination been?!

L xx

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