TV Review | The OA – Season 1

I was scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch and I stumbled across The OA. I had heard people raving about this new Netflix Original so I thought ‘why not?’

The OA was created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. Zal Batmanglij co-writes and directs whilst Brit Marling co-writes and stars. Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling) has been missing for 7 years. She left her adoptive parents (Alice Krige and Scott Wilson) distraught and the only clue to her whereabouts was a note that her mother conceals. On her return we learn that she has miraculously gained her sight back and she is nicknamed ‘The Michigan Miracle’. After refusing to reveal her 7 lost years to anyone she befriends 4 high school kids, Steve (Patrick Gibson), French (Brandon Perea), Buck (Ian Alexander) and Jesse (Brendan Meyer) and 1 teacher Betty (Phyllis Smith) and confides in them her entire past which led her to the moment she disappeared without a trace. 

The OA pulls you in so quickly and drastically that you cannot help but binge watch this show. The more you begin to find out, the more questions will arise. Prairie’s story is such an incredible, interesting, out-of-this-world phenomenon it immediately had me craving for more. Running alongside the the past, the story focuses on the 5 characters that Prairie is confiding in and we learn a little snippet of their lives in turn also. 

This show is extraordinary and is definitely most satisfying to watch if you know little or no information surrounding it prior. I would recommend this show to anyone who wants something different. Something that has you questioning everything. 

I look forward to Season 2 (if there is one!) 


Rating: 7/10

L xx

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