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I finally got around to watching AMC’s Breaking Bad (I know I am VERY late to the party). There was so much hype around this show that I didn’t want to watch it and feel disappointed, but it got to a point where I had to sit down and binge watch.


The show tells a story about Walter White (Bryan Cranston), an intelligent scientist with promise of every success in earlier life, now teaching Chemistry to high school kids in Alberquque, he also works part time at a car wash in order to make ends meet. Along with his son Water Junior/Flynn (RJ Mitte) who suffers with cerebral palsey, his wife Skyler (Anna Gun) is pregnant with their second child when Walter is told the devastating news that he has cancer. His DEA Brother-in-Law Hank (Dean Norris) takes Walter for a ride along to bust a known meth lab, it’s at this point he realises just how much money can be made from cooking Crystal Meth. With his sublime chemistry skills and his former student Jesse Pinkmans (Aaron Paul) knowledge of the drug trade they form a partnership and take the drug world by storm.


This show has had 219 award nominations and has won 139 of them including 2 Golden Globes. It is rated as one of the best TV shows of all time and you wouldn’t expect much less when you watch it. Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of a middle aged man hitting a mid-life crisis and his turmoil over to the ‘dark side’ is exhilarating to watch. His actions will continue to surprise you as this kind, gentle family man becomes  drug lord Heisenburg. 


In all honestly, it took me 2 and a half seasons to fully appreciate this show for what it is. There were moments when I felt that the storyline took so long to get going but once it hit Season 4, 5 & 6, it was so worth it! I became so invested in the characters and their lives that I just didn’t want this show to end at all. Aaron Paul potrayed Jesse Pinkman in such a way that I constantly felt every single emotion he was going through like it was happening to me. 


Breaking Bad deserved every single one of the awards it won and then some. I am so glad I finally got round to watching this TV show and it’s definitely one of my Top 10!


Rating: 8/10

L xx

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