52 Week Blog Challenge #2 | My Favourite Things

Welcome back for Week #2 of the 52 Week Blog Challenge! I took a little break from all things social media over the weekend so there was no blog post on Sunday but I am back now.

This weeks topic is ‘Favourite Things’ so lets jump right in…


-Finding a brand new TV show and binge watching and becoming so attached to the characters you feel like they are your best friends.

-Waking up in the middle of the night, checking the time and realising you still have at least 4 hours+ worth of sleep left.

-Not having to set an alarm for the morning.

-Laying in bed and listening to the rain on the window as you fall asleep.

-Getting out of a bath, into clean PJs and a freshly clean and made bed.

-Completing a ‘To Do’ list.

-An old song coming on the radio and you remember all the words and memories that come with it.

-Snuggling up on dark, cold nights with a blanket and a hot chocolate.

-Finding the perfect outfit for a night out 1st time you go shopping.

-Good hair days.

-Good make-up days.

-Having more money left in your bank after bills have been paid than you thought you’d have.

-Seeing your best friend after months of being apart.

-Finding a bargain.

-Long road trips.

-Staying in a hotel and having breakfast the next day.

-Eating Breakfast for Dinner.

-Meeting your favourite celebrity (best thing ever!)

-The excitement of a new film/book finally being released.


These are my favourite things/feelings in life, do you share any of the same with me? What are some of your favourite things?

L xx


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