Lifestyle | Friday Favourites #6

Friday Favourites is back! I am so happy that the 1st working week of 2017 is already over, there is nothing I want more than to have a lazy weekend doing absolutely nothing.

I have recently started my 52 Week Blog Challenge so please go and check that out for me, I will be posting these on a Wednesday of every week and I am so excited for all the upcoming topics that this challenge brings.

Anyways, onto my favourites of this week.


Book: I have gone back to ‘A series of Unfortunate events’ this week in light of the new Netflix Original starting next Friday (eek!), I am already up to book 8. I do get through these books so quickly when I start reading them, I just love them sooooo much.


Song: ED SHEERAN IS BACK! I wasn’t aware Ed was releasing new music today until I heard ‘Castle On The Hill’ on the radio this morning and I completely fell in love it. I am so happy he is finally back from his break, his new album Divide is going to be incredible.


TV Show: EastEnders. This week I have finally started watching EastEnders again. I have been watching this soap since I was about 5, never having missed an episode and then for some reason back in the Autumn, I just stopped. I missed about 3 months worth but started watching again just in time to see the Mitchell sisters last episode.


Youtuber/YouTube Video: BroganTatexo. She recently went to New York and her vlogs are amazing from this trip. It makes me want to go to New York so badly and see all the ‘Gossip Girl’ spots. Her 2nd vlog from this trip has just gone up this evening so be sure to head over and check those out.


Beauty Product: I am still using my Tamanu Balm from Tropic and I am really starting to see a difference in my skin, I am giving this product another 2 weeks worth of use before I write my official review but so far I cannot fault this product.


Clothing Item: I got this gorgeous grey Christmas jumper dress as a present that I have been living in these past couple of weeks. I’m trying to make the most of it before it becomes completely unacceptable to wear Christmas clothing anymore!


L xx



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