Lifestyle | New Year, New Me?

2017. A new year. A lot of people look at a new year as a ‘fresh start’. I never really understood that term. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a fresh start as well as the next person but unless you’re quitting your job, leaving all your family and friends behind and moving to the other side of the world, how much of a ‘fresh start’ are you actually getting?

I like the idea of using the new year to focus on creating a ‘better you’ rather than a ‘new you’. What don’t you like about yourself? What did you do in 2016 that has become a bad habit? Is there anyone bringing you down in life? Are you happy within yourself and your surroundings? What can you do to change that? Everybody always has the same New Years Resolutions; ‘To go on a diet’, ‘To save money’ (yes, this does include me as well!) but does anyone really think about New Years Resolutions that will genuinely make a difference to your life. Resolutions that you will enjoy sticking to rather than being determined to lose weight, eating salads for 4 days and then cracking open the leftover Christmas chocolate because 1 cheat day won’t matter, you’ve done so well already.

I’m not going to turn around and say ‘2017 will be my year’ because chances are, it won’t be my year. However I am going to make damn sure to end this year and feel proud of myself and what I achieved in 2017!

L xx

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