Blogmas #23 | The Christmasaurus Review

December 23rd 2016 – 2 Days to go!

Last night I sat and read and finished ‘The Christmasaurus’ finally after owning it for a month and only reading 5 chapters and I really wish I had read this as soon as I got it.

The story focuses around a 10 year old boy that goes by the name of William Trundle. William only lives with his Dad, Bob Trundle. Bob is a complete lover of Christmas, he celebrates it all year round and even puts his Christmas Tree up in July some years. Crazy! William is a lover of all things Dinosaurs and his favourite place to go is the Dinosaur exhibition at the museum. He loves Dinosaurs so much that he even asks Santa for a real Dinosaur for Christmas. Little does he know that Santa’s elves had found a Dinosaur egg up at the North Pole that contained the one and only Christmasaurus. The Christmasaurus and William become the best of friends and go on such a magical adventure together on Christmas Eve.

This story covers topics that you don’t see often enough in Children’s books. William Trundle is wheelchair bound and is bullied because of this at school, it tells his heart-breaking story of the emotions he is going through because of this and I think that this is such an important message to get across in a Children’s book. The story also portrays a lovely message about family and happiness between William and Bob.

This book is so magical and special, I was so immersed into this world that Tom Fletcher had created, even I started to believe the stories of the North Pole. It touched on so many emotions and I even cried at one point. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is a children’s book but it is written in such a way that adults can enjoy it as well.

I really, really want tickets to see this book brought to life on stage next December!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

L xx






My Blogmas Header Photo was taken by the wonderful Georgia Paterson. Go and add her on Facebook for more photography work here.

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