Blogmas #22 | New Years Resolutions

December 22nd 2016 – 3 Days to go!

With just over a week to go before 2016 is over (finally), I thought I would reflect on things I would like to achieve next year.


Continue being active with blogging

I am so determined to keep blogging up next year and dedicate a lot of time and effort into my blog and making it something I am proud of!


Save, Save, Save!

I really need to focus on putting money away for a deposit on a house. I love my little flat and it’s so perfect at the moment, but I would really like a house within the next few years.


Be more prepared for Christmas.

I still haven’t done my Christmas shopping and it’s only 3 days away.. what is wrong with me? Next year I want to be so prepared that I am already done and wrapped before Christmas is even mentioned (keep dreaming Lou)!


Have a more positive attitude

I can have quite a negative attitude at the minute, the littlest things seem to affect me more than they should and it’s not a good thing. I feel like I need to concentrate more on me, myself & I and not let other people affect the things I do.



What are your New Year goals?

L xx




My Blogmas Header Photo was taken by the wonderful Georgia Pateron. Go and add her on Facebook for more photography work here.


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