Blogmas #21 | Alex Met Santa

December 21st 2016 – 4 Days to go!

This year Yan’s parents have kindly taken Alex to go and see Santa at Paulton’s Park!

Paulton’s Park is the home of Peppa Pig world and is located just half hour away from where I live. Every year they have Santa come to the park ready for all the children to go and visit. It’s a real Christmas Wonderland and each child gets a gift from Santa and a festive treat, they even supply a hot punch drink for the adults. There are cute animated characters everywhere you look and it really brings the feel of Christmas alive!

The prices range from £6.00-£27.25 dependant on the age of your child. Adult prices are standard at £27.25. This price also includes access to the theme park and all 70 of its attractions all day as well as your ticket to meet Santa, so it really is value for money. I mean, which child doesn’t love Peppa Pig?! It’s all I seem to hear about these days!

I would recommend travelling to Paulton’s Park for a Santa visit to anyone and would like to thank them for making Christmas such a magical experience for my little man. I would also like to thank Yan’s parents for treating my little man to such a wonderful day out.

Here is a little photo diary from their day (Photography by Yan’s parents)

L xx




My Blogmas Header Photo was taken by the wonderful Georgia Paterson. Go and add her on Facebook for more photography work here.

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