Blogmas #20 | Favourite Board Games

December 20th 2016 – 5 Days to go!

My favourite thing to do around Christmas time is to play board games. I absolutely love board games! My favourites to play are:



I actually collect Monopoly’s. I think I have 17 different versions and counting now! My favourite board game of all time.


Trivial Pursuit – Harry Potter

I am awful at Trivial Pursuit (I do have the original version) but the Harry Potter version is so much better plus I am amazing at it and always win.


Game of Life

I have the Electronic Game of Life, which I think is a lot better than the original.


Scene It

Everyone should have a ‘Scene It’ game in their life. They have one for pretty much everything, so they’ll be something for everyone.


Do you play any board games at Christmas? What is your favourite?

L xx





My Blogmas Header Photo was taken by the wonderful Georgia Paterson. Add her on Facebook for more photography here.

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