Blogmas #19 | Christmas Q&A

December 19th 2016 – 6 Days to go!

I am well aware that I did a similar post to this earlier on in Blogmas, however I stumbled across this Q&A on A Branch Of Holly and just couldn’t resist. Hope you enjoy and if you would like to complete these questions, please leave your links below so that I can check our your answers too!


1. What is your favourite Christmas song?

Currently, my favourite song it ‘If Everyday was Christmas – Cruz Beckham’. Check out my other favourites on Blogmas #10!


2. What is your favourite Christmas film? 

My all-time favourite is definitely ‘Love Actually’. Again, check out my other favourites on Blogmas #5!


3. When do you start feeling festive? 

This year Yan decided to put the tree up on November 14th! Talk about feeling excited. However I usually start to feel festive on December 1st when you can start your advent calenders and the countdown really begins.


4. What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received? 

The 1st time I received Harry Potter Studio tour tickets, I cried my eyes out! So definitely those.


5. What is the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? 

A Chilli Vodka Challenge. I hate Chillies. I hate Vodka. Worst present ever!


6. Do you prefer traditional or modern Christmas decorations? 

I love modern Christmas decorations. I’ve never even had a real tree.


7. What is your favourite Christmas advert? 

This year has got to be Marks and Spencers Mrs Claus. Check out my all time favourite adverts from past years over on Blogmas #12!


8. White, multicoloured or something completely out of the box when it comes to Christmas tree lights?

Classic white fairy lights for me.


9. Have you ever been on a Christmas holiday? If so where? If not where would you like to go? 

I have never been on holiday for Christmas Day, but we did have a family holiday to Centre Parcs in December one year which was an amazing holiday.


10. Do you prefer going out or staying in at Christmas? 

Staying in. 100%.


11. Who cooks Christmas dinner?

My dad always cooks the Christmas dinner usually. He’s the best. This year I am spending Christmas with my Grandparents so my Nan is cooking.


12. When did you stop believing in Santa?

I can’t actually when or how I found out that Santa wasn’t real…


13. How did you find out that Santa wasn’t real?

Again, I actually don’t know.


14. What is your favourite thing to do to get you in the Christmas spirit?

Listen to Christmas music. Go to a Christmas market. Go shopping for presents. So many things make me feel festive. 


15. When do you put your Christmas decorations up? When do you take them down?

If it was down to me I would put them up in the 1st week of December, however my boyfriend gets way too excited and then puts them up in the middle of November. We take them down just after New Years, although if it was down to Yan they would be up all year round.


16. When do you start Christmas shopping?

I’ve barely started with 6 days to go😐


17. Do you go and see a pantomime?

Yes! I love the Panto. You can read all about my Panto experience this year on a previous Blogmas post. 


18. Basic or patterned wrapping paper? Or gift bags because #GirlHasNoTimeToBeWrapping

I don’t really have a preference. I just tend to buy whatever I like at the time, although this year I made the fatal mistake of buying wrapping paper covered in glitter. It is EVERYWHERE!


19. What is your favourite winter tipple?

Baileys 100%


20. What is your favourite Christmas smell?

Candles! Any winter smelling candle.


21. Do you have any festive family traditions?

I love getting everyone together and playing board games on Christmas day.


22. What has been your favourite Christmas so far and why?

Any Christmas that I spent in Stevenage have been the best as that was when my entire family could easily get together.


23. What is your favourite Christmas food?

I eat a lot of cheese at Christmas time!


24. What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner?

Prawn cocktail starters!


25. What is your favourite Christmas product?

Do candles count for this one?


26. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

My family always used to have an ‘American style breakfast’ on Christmas morning! Pancakes, waffles, fresh fruit, bacon, scrambled eggs.. it was amazing and I always looked forward to it. 


27. What is your most treasured Christmas memory?

Just generally feeling excited about the whole day. There is no better feeling than having your family around you smiling and laughing. 


28. Did you ever look for presents before Christmas to see what your parents had stashed away for you? 

I actually never did this. I love surprises too much. 


29. Online, high street shopping or handmade?

Definitely high street. I like to see what I am buying with my own eyes and i’m not artistic enough for handmade gifts. 



That’s all the questions. I hope you liked this post!

L xx





My Blogmas Header Photo was taken by Georgia Paterson. Go and add her on Facebook for more photography here.


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