Lifestyle | Friday Favourites #4

Another Friday already?! This last month is going so quickly, well it probably feels that way because I am participating in Blogmas this year.

Friday Favourites is the only other blog posts I am keeping up with alongside Blogmas throughout December, but don’t worry, I have SO much planned for next year already (eek!).

Anyways, onto my favourites from the last week:


Book: I have gone back to ‘The Christmasaurus’ again this week (hoping to get it finished before Blogmas is over so that I can write a review) and it’s just so good. Also Tom Fletcher has announced that it was be a theatre production next Christmas which I am 100% taking Alex to go and see. He will love it!


Song: Oh wow, where to begin. There have been so many songs this week that I have loved but the best one has got to be ‘Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki – Just Hold On’. When he performed this on XFactor last Saturday I fell in love with it instantly and he was so, so brave for not cancelling this show after his mum tragically passed away just a few days before. Incredible!


TV Show: The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale premiered on Monday evening and Oh. My. God. Such a good ending and I am already counting down the days until February. It was so good to finally have the whole gang together again (Hooray for Daryl escaping Negan!) and start to rebel against Negan. So excited for the other half of Season 7.


Youtuber/YouTube Video: After all the media attention revolving around ‘PewDiePie‘ this week I decided to finally subscribe to him and I actually think he is hilarious. I love his sense of humour and his videos are so funny (except the gaming ones, boring!).


Film: Again, I haven’t watched any films this week (I am really not that much of a film person), there are so many that I want to watch (Allied, Sully, Passengers etc) but I just struggle to find the time with a 2 year old to look after. Does Cinderella at the Pantomime count for this one?


Beauty Product: Fake Nails! I recently bought some fake nails for a night out and I forgot how much I love having fake nails on. Definitely need to keep up with my nails for a while.


Clothing Item: I brought a gorgeous black and gold dress from New Look for a night out and I have fallen in love with it, definitely going to wear it at any opportunity I get.


Come back next week to see more Friday Favourites!

L xx



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