Blogmas #16 | Who Am I Watching/Reading During Blogmas?

December 16th 2016 – 9 Days to go!


Can you believe we are now only single digits away from Christmas Day?! Where on earth has 2016 gone? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s Blogmas posts and watching everyone’s Vlogmas videos and I praise anyone who has made it this far (this is not easy and I overestimated myself)!

There are so many incredible people participating so in this post I am going to share my favourites for you to all check out as well!



Zoella – Lets be real, who doesn’t like Zoella. She does Vlogmas the best!

Jack Maynard – I’m shocked he has kept it up this long, but he’s doing well!

Ciara – My newest blogger friend is taking part in Vlogmas as well and she’s doing really well!

Rihanna – This is a girl I recently found on Twitter and YouTube and I love her videos so much.



Sarah – I stumbled across Sarah’s blog just searching through WordPress one evening and I completely fell in love with it.

Emily – Such a lovely little blog for mums and all lovers of beauty products. So glad I have found this one.


Who are you watching/reading this year?! Let me know so I can check them out as well!

L xx





My Blogmas Header Photo was taken by the wonderful Georgia Paterson. Go and add her on Facebook and check out her other photography work here.

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