Blogmas #14 | The Perfect Christmas Night In

December 14th 2016 – 11 Days to go!


Nights in are my absolute favourite, nothing feels better than having no plans whatsoever and just relaxing. First thing I like to do is to have a nice hot bath and read a book. I feel like this helps me declutter my mind and relax. I then get into some cosy Christmas PJs, grab a blanket and a hot water bottle and head to the living room.

One of the best things about Christmas is the fairy lights and candles. I turn off all lights except for these so it feels so cosy. I love making myself a hot drink and cracking open the tins of chocolate, all snuggled up with my boyfriend watching TV ❤️

These are my favourite types of evenings and even more so at Christmas time☺️.

L xx





My Blogmas Header photo was taken by the wonderful Georgia Paterson. Go add her on facebook to see more of her photography work here.

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