Blogmas #13 | What Christmas Means To Me

December 13th 2016 – 12 Days to go!


Whenever you hear the word Christmas, you instantly think of all the amazing memories you have from being a child, well at least I do.

Christmas to me meant getting the Argos catalogue, circling everything in existence on the toys/games pages and writing a letter to Santa hoping for the best. It meant a yearly trip to the pantomime with my Nan and Grandad with shouts of ‘HE’S BEHIND YOU’ ringing in your ears for days after. It meant family holidays to Centre Parcs, endless evenings of drinking and laughing uncontrollably. The pure excitement of leaving a glass of milk, a mince pie and a carrot out for Santa and his reindeer and waking up at 6am in the morning jumping on my parents bed so we could check if Santa had been. It meant pancakes, fresh fruit and bucks fizz for Breakfast. A whole house filled with wrapping paper and smiles. Prawn cocktail starters, huge Christmas dinners and of course, pigs in blankets! In the evenings, it meant getting together and playing board games. My dad and brother always being competitive at Monopoly, but me always winning (I wish)! It meant Christmas movies and the EastEnders Christmas Day hour long special whilst eating so much chocolate it makes you feel sick.


Christmas day really was special growing up and for the past couple of years I have felt that Christmas has lost a lot of meaning to me since my parents split up. It has never truly felt the same. Maybe that wasn’t the reason, maybe it was just because I have grown up and the magic of Christmas isn’t the same as when you are a child.


However now that my boy is starting to get to the age where he can understand Christmas a little bit, I am getting excited for Christmas once again. This time I get to be on the other side of Christmas, it’s my job to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive for him and create all this crazy memories all over again for him to remember. Christmas to me nowadays means surrounding yourself with the best people in your life. Making new memories and traditions that I can carry on for years to come with Alex. Seeing him happy brings me so much joy and I am so excited for this year and the rest of the years to come with him and Yan.


What does Christmas mean to you?


L xx





My Blogmas Header Photo was taken by the wonderful Georgia Paterson. Go and add her on facebook and check out more of her photography work here.

One thought on “Blogmas #13 | What Christmas Means To Me

  1. For Christmas to me it’s a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus but also a time to celebrate all the blessings. It’s not necessarily about gifts for me but about moments.

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