Blogmas #11 | Christmas Traditions

December 11th 2016 – 14 Days to go!


Everybody has their own way of celebrating Christmas and their own traditions. Today I am going to share a few of my favourite yearly traditions.


Pantomime – I always remember that my Nan and Grandad would take me to the panto every single year and it was my favourite evening out! This year is the 1st year Alex will be old enough to go to the panto and I am so excited to start this yearly tradition with him. Our local panto this year is Cinderella with ‘Tracey Beakers’ Dani Harmer as well!


Seeing Santa – No Christmas is complete without a trip to see Santa! There are so many wonderful places to choose from to go and see Santa, it’s hard to pick just one. Alex has been to see Santa every year so far, granted he has been scared of him everytime so far but fingers crossed this is the year he starts to enjoy it.


Christmas Lights – In my hometown we have a place called Runton Road, every single house goes OTT with Christmas lights and decorations and the whole town comes together to visit this road! Alex absolutely loves Christmas lights, constantly pointing at them all saying ‘pretty lights mummy’ so I can’t wait to take him here this year.


Coca-Cola Truck – Is any year really complete unless you go and see the Coca-Cola truck?!


Christmas Markets – These are amazing! We have an incredible German market in Bournemouth with cute little stalls and food and a huge bar right in the centre.


Games – No Christmas Day is complete with sitting down as a family and playing a board game (preferably Monopoly).



These are things I try very hard to do every single year as they all make me feel so festive!


What are you Christmas traditions?


L xx





My Blogmas Header Photo was taken by the wonderful Georgia Paterson. Go and add her on facebook to see other photography work here.

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