Blogmas #6 | A Look Back On My Year

December 6th 2016 – 19 Days to go!


This year has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least. I have faced a lot of difficulties this year in regards to family and friends and making decisions that I never thought in a million years I would need to make. It’s been tough and not one of my best years however, let’s take a look back…


I started my new job towards the end of December, so this was my first month in my new role and it was fairly challenging. My job is non-stop all the time and it keeps me so occupied most of the time, however I do love my job and I am glad I made that change.


Unfortunately a family friend died in February this year and it was awful. Definitely the worst month of the year for me and one part of my life seemed to spiral out of control and downhill from this point onwards.


I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with Yan! 3 Years! We didn’t actually do much (we never really celebrate anniversaries to be honest) although next year we have planned a trip to London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which I am super excited about.


I genuinely can’t think of anything that happened in April. Must have been a pretty quiet month.


My birthday month. I turned 22 this year. We spent my birthday in Butlins with Yans family as we go there every year for Yan’s Nephews birthday. Also this month marks me and Yan living together for 1 year in our own little flat!


I went on holiday with my 2 best friends this year to Mallorca. We have been friends for 10 years+ and we had never been on holiday together so this year we went away for 5 days and it was amazing! Not sure why we have never done this before, definitely a holiday I will remember, we had so much fun!


Alex started at the childminders and I started to leave him all day for the first time whilst I worked. It was a scary time but the confidence he has gained from being at the childminders is incredible. His speech is coming along so well and he learns so much every day.


Yans Birthday month. I love August in Bournemouth. There is so much going on all the time. We have fireworks weekly down on the beach, lots of different food festivals, the Air show and the Wheels festival all happened as well.


The month I started my blog. It’s only small (and probably shit) but it’s mine and it’s somewhere I can escape too and write about whatever I want too. I love it and I am so glad I started it.


The month that I met Conor Maynard! This has got to be one of the highlights of 2016. Such an amazing experience I wrote a post about it here..


Alex turns 2! I cannot believe I have a 2 year old already, these years have flown by but I wouldn’t change them for the world. Check out my photo diary from his birthday here..


Favourite time of the year! Christmas and of course Blogmas!

L xx

My Blogmas Header Photo was taken by the wonderful Georgia Paterson, please add her on Facebook and check our her photography here!

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