Blogmas #4 | December Goals❄️

I really enjoy these Goal posts I have been doing. It’s nice setting myself personal goals and keeping a track of my progress! 

My 1st goal of November was to ‘achieve 1000 views on my blog’. I didn’t manage to achieve this one unfortunately, I think I ended November on 908. I stopped posting for about 2 weeks in November as I was feeling disheartened about my blog.

My 2nd November goal was to ‘Complete my Blogmas posts ready for December 1st’. I have managed to write and schedule 14 posts and I have ideas and notes for the rest of them!

My 3rd November goal was to ‘interact more with blogger chats’. I have definitely managed to achieve this one! I love twitter chats so much and it’s such a fun way to get to know more bloggers. 

My 4th November goal was to ‘gain 600 twitter followers’. I just managed to achieve this one, I think I ended November on 602 twitter followers altogether!

For December I am going to set myself the following goals:

Gain 700 twitter followers

This one should hopefully be fairly easily, I seem to be gaining around 100 a month at the moment!

Complete Blogmas

I currently have a lot of motivation for blogging and I hope that it’s here to stay and I actually make it to the end of Blogmas ☺️

Gain 40 followers on my blog.

I currently stand at 31, and I seem to be gaining roughly 10 a month so with some more interacting and all my Christmas posts this can hopefully get to 40+

I will keep you all updated with how I get on with these goals in January!

L xx

One thought on “Blogmas #4 | December Goals❄️

  1. This is such a great post idea! I really enjoy reading your goals because it just motivates me to strive to accomplish my goals more. Love your blog ❤

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