Lifestyle | Friday Favourites #2

This last week has practically flown by! I cannot quite believe we are in December already and I have officially started ‘Blogmas’😬, check out my 1st post.


So this week my Friday Favourites are:


Book: The Christmasaurus – Tom Fletcher. I bought this book as I had seen a lot of good reviews about it and I thought that my little boy would love it as his bedtime story (which he does)! I am only about 5 chapters in but I cannot wait to finish it completely and write a review about it for a Blogmas post.


TV Show: I’ve gone back to an all time favourite ‘Gossip Girl’ this week. A friend of ours has just started watching it and I look for any excuse for a Gossip Girl binge watch!


Film: I haven’t actually watched any new films this week or even any old ones so I don’t have a film favourite for this week 😞.

Youtuber/Youtube Video: There are literally so many that I have loved this week however I think my favourite has to be Oli White reacting to fake Youtuber texts. I was crying with laughter at this video – Go and watch it here.

Song: Alesso ft. Conor Maynard – Crazy. Now I happened to stumble across this song on twitter and I don’t know why more people don’t know about it! There only seems to be a live concert version at the moment but I hope it gets officially released soon! Go have a listen!

Beauty Product: I’m not usually one for beauty products however I went to a ‘Tropic’ pamper party a few nights ago and these products just smell like heaven in a bottle! I’ve never actually used any of them to give an honest review of what they are like, but judging by smell alone, they will be incredible!

Clothing Item: My woolly hat! 100%. Now it’s officially December, it is acceptable to wear it out everyday ☺️❄️


Let me know some of your favourite things from this week!

L xx

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