Lifestyle | November Goals

Another month is over and we are getting closer and closer to 2017! I set myself a few ‘goals’ to achieve in October so I am going to review these first.


The first one was ’30 Days of Fitness/Detoxing’… This one started off really well. I had an app on my phone that I was using to track food I was eating and what exercises I was doing daily. I think I lasted a total of 9 days before I headed into a downward spiral of junk food and the exercising regularly stopped shortly after that. No matter how many times I try to detox, I suck at keeping it up!


The second one was to ‘achieve 500 views on my blog’… I genuinely didn’t think I was going to be able to do this one but to my surprise I passed this number and then some. I think my blog is currently on around 650 views which is just crazy! I feel so overwhelmed every time I get a notification to say someone has commented or liked a blog post. It’s such a lovely feeling.


The third one was to ‘spend more quality time with my family’… This one was fairly easy, it was so nice to dedicate time solely to my boyfriend and little man. We went pumpkin picking one day which was so much fun. Alex loved it. This is a personal goal of mine that I am going to turn into a lifestyle habit, nothing beats family time.


The fourth one was to ‘find more bloggers/vloggers and interact with them’… I started talking to a few people on social media and then when I got an invite to  PR event I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to meet new people. I went to the event with 3 fellow blogger/vloggers and they were all incredible. It was so nice to meet people that share the same interest/love of blogging that I do and it turns out that one of the girls (Jess) used to date one of my friends a few years back so we actually already knew each other (small world!).


The fifth one was to ‘meet Conor Maynard’… now this one was a bit of a dream but I actually managed to do it! He came down for a live PA event in Bournemouth and after his show I got into the VIP area and managed to get a picture with him and talk to him. It was amazing, and I did write an entie blog post about it if you’d like to check that out!



So in October I think I did fairly well in achieving my goals (minus the detoxing one) so I am going to set myself some more goals for November…

  1. Achieve 1000 views on my blog.

This is pushing it to the limit when it comes to my view count but I would absolutely love to be able to reach this number by the end of November.


2. Complete my ‘Blogmas’ posts ready for December 1st

I decided about a week ago that I wanted to give Blogmas a go this year, so I have started planning these posts and I have currently written 4. I would love to write/prepare 25 posts ready for a countdown from the 1st December, otherwise I’ll only do a 12 day countdown.


3. Be more interactive with blogger chats

I am either involved with every single blogger chat known to man every single day of the week or I don’t get involved in any at all. I find that it’s such a lovely way to get to know people and to read other people’s blogs that you’d be silly not to get involved with them. So my aim for November is to be more consistent with these chats.


4. Gain 600 twitter followers

I currently stand at 505 followers but I gained roughly 65 in October so I think 95 isn’t too bad of a target. Again the above goal will help me achieve this one.



So that’s it for November. Hopefully I can produce a nice, positive post at the end of this month letting everyone know that I have achieved my personal targets. Do you set yourself any personal targets each month?





2 thoughts on “Lifestyle | November Goals

  1. Hi Louise
    I don’t set myself monthly goals/targets, but I do use SMART targets as part of wellness and recovery from mental health illness. I’ll talk about SMART goals in a blog post soon. Like the article, and your positivity!


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