Lifestyle | October Goals✌🏻

Now that October has started, the nights are getting darker and the air feels clearer I started to reflect on things I have done/achieved this year and I couldn’t think of a single thing. I haven’t done anything interesting this year that I can write about and be happy with which is awful considering we have just entered the 10th month of 2016! (oops)

So for October I am going to set myself 5 things that I want to achieve by the end of the month. They won’t be anything huge or exciting but I need to start somewhere!

1. 30 Days of Fitness/Detoxing.

I am the WORST person when it comes to eating crap and never exercising. I’m a sucker for a take-away because it saves on cooking and cleaning.. but my skin suffers terribly for it! So i’ve downloaded a 30 day exercise challenge app onto my phone and I am going to start it from tomorrow. I was planning on starting this on the 1st October (yesterday) but I went out drinking last night and I feel so hungover today 😫.

2. Achieve 500 views on my blog.

Hopefully this one will be achievable. Currently I stand at 170 views, but I think 500 is quite a nice target for myself. Once I start writing more content and uploading more than once a week (which I will start doing soon) I think I can do it! 

3. Spend more quality time with my little family.

I find that juggling work, friends and a social life is so difficult sometimes and I really want to start dedicating at least one full day per week to my boyfriend and my son entirely. I’m not looking for huge extravagent days out, just trips to the park, fruit picking or even snuggled up in bed watching films all day! Family time is the most important time👪

4. Find more bloggers/vloggers and interact more with them.

I would love to make new friends through blogging, find out about what made them want to start a blog, difficulties they have faced and overcome on their journey and any tips or advice they could give me as a new blogger! Also I don’t follow many blogs currently so please send me links to your blogs and I will go and check them out 😊.

5. Meet Conor Maynard😆

Now this one might be a little bit out there but I am seeing him live at a local club to me on October 13th so I am hoping and praying that I can actually meet him and get a picture with him on the night as well as seeing him perform! It’s possible and it would make my entire year if I achieved this goal ❤️.

So there is my 5 personal targets/goals for October, hopefully I can achieve them all and actually end a month feeling quite proud of myself and ready for what November brings!

Until next time, see ya 👋🏻👋🏻 xx

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