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Hello and welcome to my blog! 

My name is Louise, I’m 22 & I have always wanted to start a blog but never really knew where to start or what to write about. So i’m just going to introduce myself with a ‘Get to know me tag’ and just post weekly after this. I don’t particularly have a theme for my blog in mind currently so i’m just gonna see how things go.

I would actually love to start vlogging, but I just don’t have the confidence to pick up a camera and start, maybe one day but today is not that day!

Anyway, onto the questions…

1. What is your middle name? Eileen.. I hate it.

2. What is your favourite colour? Turquoise, Teal, Duck Egg.. Whatever you wanna call it!

3. Who was your first best friend? A girl called Abbie, we were inseperable growing up!

4. How tall are you? I think i’m about 5’3

5. Cats or Dogs? Cats, I don’t even like cats that much but I much prefer them over dogs!

6. Funniest moment throughout school? My dance lessons in general were always my favourite part of school, have the funniest memories of those lessons.

7. How many countries have you visited? France, Austria, Italy, Spain & America

8. Are you in/gone to college? I went to college for a year, did really shit in all my exams then left to go into full time work instead.

9. What was your favourite/worst subject in High School? Favourite – 100% Drama! Worst – Maths or Physics, just because I was so bad at them.

10. What is your favourite drink? Currently loving lemonade.

11. What is your favourite animal? I’m not really an animal person. Penguins are quite cute though.

12. What is your favourite perfume? Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

13. Tea or Coffee? Coffee. I will drink coffee no matter what time of day it is. I’ll drink hot coffee or iced coffee, literally don’t care. I love coffee.

14. What would you (or have you) name your children? I have a little boy called Alex. I don’t want anymore, but if I were to have a girl I’d want her to have a really girly, pretty name. Don’t know what that would be though..

15. What sports do you play/have you played? I used to be in my primary school netball team, we made it into our local newspaper for being the best netball team in the area.. after that I stopped playing sports..

16. What is your favourite book? I can’t narrow it down to a favourite book, so I’ll pick a series, which of course will be Harry Potter. All-time favourite.. although closely followed by ‘A Series of unfortunate events’ which I am currently re-reading for the 5th time maybe?

17. Who are some of your favourite Youtubers? There are a few that I am currently loving:-

Zoella – I think everyone has heard of Zoella. I don’t really need to explain her videos, her channel is just really fun and exciting and I love it.

ThatcherJoe – If you’ve heard of Zoella, chances are you’ve heard of her brother Joe. His videos are hilarious, lots of challenges and pranks. Always puts me in a good mood.

Caspar – Again, if you’ve heard of Joe then you will probably know his roommate Caspar Lee. He appears in a few of Joe’s videos and vice versa.

ConorMaynard – Anyone that knows me, will know that I absolutely love Conor Maynard. His music is constantly on repeat whenever i’m around!

JackMaynard – Conor’s younger brother has a youtube channel as well. His videos have me in tears of laughter most of the time!

+ a local girl to me:-

BroganTatexo – Really down to earth girl who vlogs about her day-to-day life and she’s really personal and passionate on her channel and it really shows through her videos. Definitely worth checking her out!

18. What is your favourite movie? 
Of all time? Harry Potter.

19. Are you single or taken? Taken, for 3 + a half years now!

20. What is your idea of an ideal first date? Dominoes + a movie/tv series.. easily pleased.

21. How many girlfriend/boyfriends have you had? 2, including my current boyfriend.

22. Favourite memory from childhood? Playing burglars with my friend Abbie. We would climb through our own front room windows and pretend we were burglars and steal our own things. We were so cool…

23. Do you speak any different languages and if so, how well? I can say ‘Hello’ in about 3 and I think I can count to 10 in French. That’s about it.

24. Do you have any siblings? I’m the oldest of 4. I have 1 sister + 2 brothers.

25. How would you describe your fashion sense? I just buy what I like, sometimes it looks good but most of the time it looks like shit.

26. What is your favourite restaurant? TGI Fridays

27. What are some of your favourite TV shows? I watch way too much TV, a few of my favourites currently are:

Walking Dead – Season 7 is so close!

Suits – I’m yet to watch Season 5 or 6

Game of Thrones – I’m only just starting Season 3

Power – Not my usual show, but I love it

Gossip Girl – This one is my guilty pleasure, I’ll always put this on if i’m feeling like crap.

28. PC or Mac? 
I’ve never actually owned a Mac but I already know I would prefer it.

29. What phone do you have?  I currently don’t, but I am getting the iPhone 7 at the end of this month.

30. Tell us one of your bad habits? Procrastination. I’m so bad, I even annoy myself!

So that’s all the questions, now you know me just that little bit better. I’m brand new to blogging etc, so if anyone can give me any tips or advice it would be highly appreciated. You can find me on twitter or follow me on Snapchat – louisebodle

Bye xx

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